The Federal Preserve

Less reserving, more preserving.

Bringing higher vibes to the cosmos, and all beings within it.

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At the Federal Preserve, we believe memes hold profound power to spread truth and catalyze social change. Our mission is to amplify these memes, and push humanity towards better dreams.


Our memeologists decode internet trends to identify rising meme formats with potential for societal impact. We also publish research on ethical use of Internet culture.


Transparency and decentralization are core values. We're opening our meme coffers and policies to public scrutiny. Users can submit original ideas for impactful memes.

Memetic Tools

We want citizens fluent in memetic tools. Our Memeonomics courses teach everyday netizens about meta-memes and the dreams we may sow with them.


Join us in uplifting the internet's potential. The dankest memes provoke social progress through truth, humor, and hope. Help curate the memetic empire that could save the world.


At the Federal Preserve, we're preserving memetic visions of an enlightened future guided by empathy, wisdom, and enlightened memes for all.

Quantum Entanglement

Unleashing Philosopher Kings

We've gathered together the prophetic thinkers that are most attached to reality, to bring forth a new memetic narrative that will spawn the globe.

Quantum Enlightenment

Adding life to your life.

Don't capture the doom and gloom. Capture the vibes, live more, and spread them. We avoid doomsday prepping, knowing that brings doom and instead bring forth the Bloomsday Prepper meme.